Child Meditation Facilitators Training

Optional certifications: (1)Child Meditation Facilitator with emphasis on guided imagery and (2)Mindfulness Instructor for Children

12 hours ON-Demand video training


Email to request viewing a sample webinar.


You only need access to the Internet. You do not need to be at the locations above. They are to show times for live webinars.


(5 out of 5)

I enjoyed that the online classes were a mix of lecture, videos, student sharing and led exercises -- the variety kept things interesting. The material presented was concise and to the point and presented in a well-thought-out manner.
-Andrea from Florida


(5 out of 5)

I have never undertaken online training before and was completely unsure what to expect. Needless to say, I was most pleasantly surprised. The quality of the training and the sensitive way in which it was delivered was truly excellent.
-Nicole from the UK


(5 out of 5)

There was a lot of information provided during the course and Sarah's book is excellent. I really enjoyed listening to the webinars and having the opportunity to talk and ask questions. The videos were very helpful. It was very helpful to see how a teacher interacts with the children and see the children participate in the class.
-Tania from South Africa

Topics Covered During the Course

The Basics

•Creating safe spaces.
• What to expected your first time teaching meditation to children & tips.
• Research supporting meditation.
• Creating original meditations.
• Working with school- aged vs. teens.


• What children should become mindful of.
• Mindfulness activities appropriate for age groups (4-7) (8-12) & (13-18).
• Brain science and mindfulness.
• Establishing and enhancing your own mindfulness practice.

Guided Imagery
• Waldorf-style storytelling for teaching meditation.
• Meditation based on the five senses.
•Using art to enhance meditation.
• Auras, chakras and understanding subtle energy



Certification is offered through Satya Worldwide. Please refer to our Certification page for details about certifications.

How the ON-Demand Video Training works

Watch videos of Sarah Wood Vallely and former students teach meditation classes to children. View slides with bulleted details and charts about meditation research, Sarah’s philosophy, and more while Sarah instructs. You have six months after you register to view the 12 hours of training videos. During your training, contact your facilitator at anytime to ask for more information or clarification. Also, become a member of an online forum where you can converse with other students taking the course.

How the Webinar Works

Enjoy videos, slides, and your facilitator’s voice right from your computer. Our newly updated training now offers a more visual experience. In addition, contribute questions and comments as they arise via your computer (during live classes) and Sarah will fully explain any aspects of the course that your are wanting to learn more about. If you enroll after course begins, you will receive all recorded webinars that you missed and email Sarah with any questions along the way. You do not need to participate during live classes to receive certification. Go at your own pace, if you prefer.


COMPLETE TRAINING: $230. Plus Sensational Meditation for Children text by Sarah Wood Vallely for $12.95 on Amazon.

Would you like to pay for the first three webinars then have the option to sign up for the last three webinars? Email about a payment plan.

DISCOUNTS: Receive a 25% discount when you sign up with a friend. Email for details.



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More Reviews

(4.5 out of 5)

The meditations we learned have been of great benefit to me personally.  The homework activities were purposeful and will help me in preparing proposals for schools.  I loved the videos; watching Sarah and the other teachers was so helpful.  I also liked listening to my classmates give their thoughts & ask questions.  I am pleased that Sarah answered all my emails and offers meditation teaching “technical support” for life to her students. -Dianne from Australia

(4.5 out of 5)

I truly enjoyed the classes and am so glad that I have the book to read over and over. Our preschool pilot program Little Ripples will implement many of the techniques I learned. We know the meditations will help children participating in our program at Darfuri refugee camps in Africa. -Rachel from California


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Starts January 23, 2016. A course for those interested in teaching meditation to children - learn time tested techniques children love and easily integrate into their lives.

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