Getting Started

Children love to meditate! Learn tips you can use to introduce children to a wonderful world of guided imagery, meditation, and centering. Three meditations are provided.

Helpful Books

Sensational Meditation for Children, winner of two book awards. And The Magic Gum Tree, a fantasy story for children about learning meditation.

Ongoing Training

Get certified as quickly as 30 days. Training consists of 6 two-hour pre-recorded webinars. All you need is access to the Internet.

Meditation helps children in as many ways as there are

children meditating. When children are empowered with the

know-how to meditate, they feel safe, focused and happy.

Moreover, children learn how to stay physically healthy

with meditation. Additionally, children better understand

themselves and their needs with the help of a meditation

practice. Remarkably, parents report they become closer to

their children than ever before after meditating together.


Professionals looking for solutions

More and more teachers, school administrators, counselors, occupational therapists, child psychologists, social workers, holistic practitioners and energy workers are teaching meditation techniques to children. Sensational Meditation for Children, based on the five senses, is as easy as listening to a soothing bell or imagining a tree with their favorite fruit. Because these meditations are simple and sensory focused, they work well in schools and private sessions.

Parents searching for new perspectives

For some families, spirituality is a sacred tradition passed from one generation to the next. For other families, spirituality is sought out. These parents search for a truth different than what they were taught. They are looking for a practice that more aligns with their current spiritual needs. And there are those parents who continue to embrace the traditions they were brought up with, however, are also looking for new practices to integrate into their lives and pass on to their children. May this web site offer meditation techniques and philosophies you can incorporate into your family tradition.

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Child Meditation Facilitators Training

A course for those interested in teaching meditation to children - learn time tested techniques children love and easily integrate into their lives.

Guidebook for parents, teachers and therapists

Check out the latest edition of "Sensational Meditation for Children" by Sarah Wood Vallely.

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